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Feb. 8, 2022

Free Parking (1988)

Free Parking debuted in 1988. It was designed by Charles Phillips. It is one of the games that uses the Monopoly IP, but it is not a Monopoly game. Free Parking has a subtitle, "Parker Brothers Feed the Meter Game." And that is just what it is. It i…

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Jan. 17, 2022

Skulls of Sedlec (2020)

When I set out to play every game on my Shelf of Shame, I did not count all the print and play games on my hard drive. I tried to stick to games that I owned a hard physical copy of. Then, as I was going through the list of games, I noticed I had a …

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Jan. 15, 2022

Game of Gnomes

I received this game for Christmas. I love garden gnomes. I love games. This is an oddly specific intersection of these two loves. Game of Gnomes is a fast and hilarious matching game. To set up, hand everyone a suction grabber and spread the gnome …

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I backed Animals in Espionage on Kickstarter after listening to its designer, Joe Hout, talk about it on a podcast. I quickly went to Kickstarter and decided to support the game for a mere $14. It was boasted to be a 2-player (excellent as I am alwa…

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Jan. 8, 2022

Shelf of Shame

I took the time to log all my games into a spreadsheet. Then, I took the time to mark the ones that I have and have not played. I was shocked, and appalled, to discover that I have 64 games on the proverbial "shelf of shame." I find this unacceptabl…

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