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May 4, 2023

Can't Stop (1980)

Can't Stop (1980)
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I have mentioned a few times, like dozens probably, that The Son and I love to read books about board games at bedtime. I have also mentioned one such book many times, Family Games The 100 Best by Jeremy Lowder. Recently, I organized the first Protospiel St. Louis where we had over 40 designers come and show their game designs and over 50 playtesters come and play them. As part of the badge purchase, the store where we were holding the event offered 10% off purchases. So, I perused the store, and found Sid Sackson’s 1980 classic, Can’t Stop. What really drew me to it was that it was in the ding and dent section at an already low price. This was due to the box being really banged up (photo in the show notes). So, I could not turn it down with an additional 10% off. Can’t Stop was one of the 100 games from that book, designed by Sid Sackson, and was under $5. Needless to say, that game found its way into my game bag with all its packaging tape. The Son and I sat down to play it a few nights ago. He wanted to play a video game instead, but humored me. We ended up playing it twice in a row, and he didn’t bother with the video game!