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Sept. 10, 2021

Interview with Julie Ahern of Greenbrier Games

Interview with Julie Ahern of Greenbrier Games
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Julie Ahern, VP of Greenbrier Games, joined me in this episode. We talked about her nomadic lifestyle, the importance of a company's name, the beginnings of the convention scene opening up, and so much more.

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Julie AhernProfile Photo

Julie Ahern


With a masters in education, Julie designed statewide used educational board games and RPGs. Her early career also included stage managing and scripting plays as well as writing short stories. One of the founding members of Greenbrier Games, she started as the content writer for the company, and has risen through the ranks doing game development, project management, marketing, and sales. Julie, along with Rachael Blaske, former CEO of Poketto games, co-host the show You’re Invited, a Friday morning live program that discusses the challenges of being a small business owner in the tabletop industry. Julie also serves as a Director-at-Large for the GAMA trade organization, and on the board of the Jack Vasal Memorial Fund.