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Dec. 28, 2021

Interview with Molly Zeff of Flying Leap Games

Interview with Molly Zeff of Flying Leap Games
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In this episode, Molly talks about an amazing fellowship she works with, The Horizons Fellowship. We also discuss her company's games, all of which are party games, but with a twist. You can get a free copy of Wing It's Print and Play on their site: Flying Leap Games.

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Molly ZeffProfile Photo

Molly Zeff

Cofounder and CEO

Molly Zeff cofounded Flying Leap Games in 2017 with Jon Cannon, her friend of 26 years, partner in goofiness, and “person most likely to agree to ridiculous plans.” They have published 5 games and sell in 7 countries. Molly designs and publishes creative party games with a weird sense of humor (there are mermaid birthday parties and carnivorous rabbits involved). One customer even said their bestselling game, Wing It, should come with a Pampers warning. Molly’s games include Wing It, Wing It Beyond, The Million Dollar Doodle, and two new games due out this fall, Jewish Card Revoked and Just Tell Me What to Do: A Party Game of All the Advice You (N)ever Needed. Aside from publishing, Molly has visited nearly 300 game and toy stores to demo her games. When not game designing/publishing, Molly’s hobbies include hiking, social activism, cooking (Thai food is her favorite!), traveling all over as a semi nomad, organizing communal events (from potlucks to game nights), and studying social issues extensively. Some of her greatest accomplishments is hitchhiking in 3 countries and the US Virgin Islands and remaining alive.