Bringing your office together through board games at lunch.
Jan. 10, 2022

Interview with Author Ben Hoppe

Interview with Author Ben Hoppe
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In this episode, author Ben Hoppe joins me. He wrote the book, The Beginner's Board Game Bible. It helps you to understand where to start with gaming, and how some great games to try out. We talk about taking games everywhere, the bonding that can be done over gaming, and finding a copy of Mystery of the Abbey. Ben has a fun quiz that will tell you what game would be best for you. Take it here. Post in the comments what game it determined was your game. For me, Catan. That was no shock. Thanks for listening!



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Ben Hoppe


Ben Hoppe is a Midwesterner now living in Central Texas. When he's not playing board games, Ben loves running, curling, and exploring national parks across the country with his wife. He was introduced to board games at a young age by his older brother.

The youngest of four, Ben's relationships with his siblings involved pestering them to play board games, frustrating them when he won, and bringing games along on any and all national park adventures. Recently, they have been making new friends in Texas through board games (or introducing new friends to board games).