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March 16, 2022

Interview with Board Game Design Lab host Gabe Barrett

Interview with Board Game Design Lab host Gabe Barrett
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Gabe Barrett joins me in this episode, all the way from Honduras. We talk about how the gaming landscape has changed over the pandemic. Gabe also talks about how he loves to game with his children. Throwing burritos at them, stacking Fuzzies, and mercilessly beating them at a Powerpuff Girl game. Through all this he still finds time to host the most influential board game podcasts: Board Game Design Lab

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Gabe Barrett


Gabe Barrett is the founder of the Board Game Design Lab, a podcast and community that helps designers create great games people love. He’s interviewed over 300 designers and publishers for the podcast, and the community has grown to nearly 11,000 members. Gabe also runs his own publishing company and has several games currently on the market. He lives in the mountains of Honduras with his wife and four children and teaches English at a high school. Gabe’s wife is also his chief playtester and beats him at his own games 97.6% of the time.