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April 27, 2022

Interview with Board Game Museum Host Norm Hastings

Interview with Board Game Museum Host Norm Hastings
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Norm Hastings really loves older games. He found that there was no content for these older games. So, Norm fixed that problem by creating his own YouTube Channel, Board Game Museum. He has close to 300 vintage game reviews. I have watched too many already, as each one makes me want to locate and purchase the game he reviewed. He joins me on this episode to talk about what game he still pines to find, whether Officer Jones from Monopoly is a punk, and more. He might have even convinced me to start a channel reviewing Clue and its variations.

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Norm Hastings

Norm Hastings

I run a channel on YouTube called the Board Game Museum. We mainly review vintage board games, but also do how to.plays on Monopoly Variants and Kickstarters.