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Jan. 29, 2023

Interview with Chelsea Schwartz from The OP

Interview with Chelsea Schwartz from The OP

In this episode, Chelsea Schwartz joins me. She has an incredible job title of Hobby Marketing and Influencer Specialist at The OP. She and I have a lot of fun chatting about IP games. The Good ones. Some bad. We also discussed her love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and my fondness for Dream Phone. Stay through the end for the final payoff for that tangent.

Her game: Bananya: The Card Game


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Chelsea Schwartz

Hobby Marketing & Influencer Specialist

Glancing deeply into her crystal ball you will see that Chelsea has been moving mountains since the age of 14. Being a Texas native, nothing stood in Chelsea’s way from attaining her lifelong dreams of joining the circus (also known as the music industry). She’s written for several publications, handled marketing campaigns for various records labels, brands, bands, film & television productions, was the former talent buyer at the world famous Viper Room on Sunset Strip and toured the world with numerous bands. More recently her passion led her to become a SAG-AFTRA performer before turning her sights onto the board game industry where she now works in marketing for The Op Games. You can follow Chelsea's nerdy adventures on Instagram: @sprinkledbymagic