Bringing your office together through board games at lunch.
April 10, 2021

Interview with Ellie Dix

Interview with Ellie Dix
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In this episode, I talk with Ellie Dix from The Dark Imp. This is my first transatlantic interview! I came across Ellie's great book, The Board Game Family, at my local library. She talks about getting your kids and family to game together, a funny game called Murder, the importance of just having a deck of cards are you at all time, and more!

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Ellie DixProfile Photo

Ellie Dix

Game Designer

Ellie has been obsessed with board games from an early age. Not only playing them, but tweaking the rules for fun and designing her own. She firmly believes that board games have positively influenced my ability to interact with others, manage failure, work creatively with available resources, experiment with multiple paths to success, solve interesting problems, adapt to changing situations and make decisions quickly.

She is a full time board game designer and developer specialising in games for families. She is excited by creating games in unusual formats and has produced coaster games, cracker games, placemat games, ‘print & play’ games and games in small tins. She also undertakes commissions and develops games for publishers.

- 2021 Winner of the Best Imagination Gaming Game of the Year (B.I.G.G.Y.)
- Independent Toy Awards 2021 Bronze Medal Winner
- Rainbow Toy Awards 2021 Highly Commended
- Best Business Women Awards Silver Award Winner 2021
- Finalist in the 2021 Cardboard Edison Design Contest
- 3rd place winner in the Board Game Workshop Design Contest 2020
- Author of the book, The Board Game Family. Published by Crown House.