Bringing your office together through board games at lunch.
Feb. 21, 2022

Interview with Joan "The Gamesmistress" Moriarity

Interview with Joan
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In this episode, I am joined by Game Sommelier Joan Moriarity. She works at the Toronto game cafe, Snakes & Lattes, where she tries to help patrons find a new game to enjoy. She has some fantastic thoughts and philosophies on gaming, why we should, and some off the beaten path recommendations! She is also the co-author of Your Move: What Games Teach Us About Life. It was a fast and fantastic read that led me to reach out to her.

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Joan MoriarityProfile Photo

Joan Moriarity


Joan Moriarity has dedicated her life to rehabilitating playfulness as something that is not only pleasurable and healthy, but virtuous and necessary.

For ten years, she has been recommending and teaching tabletop games to guests at Toronto's Snakes & Lattes Board Game Café. She has worked in the tabletop game industry as a designer, developer, art director, publisher, rules writer, retailer, and instructor. Her writing has appeared in The Walrus magazine, The Toronto Star and The Washington Post, and she is co-author of "Your Move: What Board Games Teach Us About Life". She has lectured at the University of Toronto on the magic of games and the power of play.

Together with her fiancée, she is now creating YouTube videos where she shares all the secrets she has gathered over decades of studying games and the people who play them.