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June 9, 2021

Interview with John-Michael Gariepy

Interview with John-Michael Gariepy
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Fellow board game reading nerd John-Michael Gariepy joins me in this episode. We talk about how there needs to be more books about board games that are not chess, his Kickstarter for his book Winning Streak, losing at Splendor, and then, John-Michael got lost. We laughed a lot during our conversation, but as usual, it is podcast GOLD! Contact for John-Michael: Popcorn Roulette DialD4Dm Winning Streak Book Say Hellow to Black Jack Podcast --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:


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John-Michael Gariepy


Over the past decade, John-Michael Gariepy played and reviewed over three hundred board games for three podcasts. He's written Winning Streak: Tales and Trivia of the 40 Most Popular Board Games, produces the movie conversation show, Popcorn Roulette, edited Stephen Albair’s jewelry and tableau photography art memoir called Spectacles, and directs the medical audio drama Say Hello to Black Jack. He has a wide range of interests, a tremendous love of learning, and a goofy sense of humor.