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June 19, 2022

Interview with Nick Seal Director of Games for KantCon

Interview with Nick Seal Director of Games for KantCon
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Now I know that I have a boardgame problem but I have never tested this space available in my car from buying two many games at once. Nick seal, well, he has. Twice! Hear this, and more, and this episode. He is part of the kantcon team, and gave me convention in Kansas City. If you are free the weekend of the convention, come join us! --- Support this podcast:


Nick SealProfile Photo

Nick Seal

Director of Games

I grew up playing video games and the "classic" board games that most people have at home. I branched out a bit during my college years but really got into the board game scene in 2007 after attending Origins Game Fair. Ever since, I've been very passionate about both exploring new games and sharing my love of games with others as often as possible. I joined the Envoy organization several years back to spread the word and demo more games at local venues and conventions. It has opened up many opportunities to me, including meeting some of the gaming industry's best, such as working with Stephen Buonocore. I have been part of KantCon since the beginning and hope to see it grow each year. I love chatting about this hobby with others, so if you see me at a convention, please introduce yourself and ask me about games! My tastes are quite varied as I enjoy just about everything from the simplest to some of the most complex titles. When I'm not gaming I can be found spending time with my family and working on DIY projects around the house.