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Aug. 11, 2022

Interview with Ole Steiness

Interview with Ole Steiness
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I got up at 4:45am local time to interview Ole Steiness who lives 7 hours ahead of me in Denmark. He is the designer of one of my all time favorite games, Champions of Midgard. I will be doing an episode on this amazing work-placement game soon. Ole and I talk the usual, how the pandemic is the only thing that has kept him from Essen, and that his kids don't like playing his games. Why? They are amazing games! Well, they are also dad's work.


Notable games mentioned:

Chaos of the Old World

Conquest of the Empire

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Ole Steiness

Game Designer

Battle-hardened game designer with years of industry experience from both video game design and board game design. Currently working independently creating tabletop adaptions of computer games.