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Nov. 18, 2021

Interview with Ron Rich of Air Loom Games

Interview with Ron Rich of Air Loom Games
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In this episode, Ron RIch of Air Loom Games talks about his game on Kickstarter, New York Pizza Delivery. I personally played this game's prototype. It is a fun mash-up of simple mechanics to create an original game high in theme. Ron also has an Etsy store where he sells 3D printed game accessories such as box organizers and cardholders. We talk about getting more games than we have space, 3D printing, and how Ron created an infant bath toy that was stolen from him.

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Ron Rich


A mechanical engineer by trade and an avid board gamer at heart. I have thrown my hat into board game design arena and recently successfully funded a kickstarter for my first game - New York Pizza Delivery. I have spent just about 4 years in the development of this game and it will be reaching people this summer 2022.