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March 3, 2023

Pandemic: Rapid Response

Pandemic: Rapid Response

I remember seeing Rodney Smith’s video for Pandemic: Rapid Response and knowing instantly, this was a game for me! Oddly, it was a Target exclusive. I had to wait a few months before it came out. I ordered it off the site as soon as I could. Then, as most games do, it sat unplayed for a few more months. Finally, March 20th, the son and I broke out the Kane Klenko, real-time, board game. In case you don't recognize that date, it was the start of the COVID lockdown. It just felt fitting. A few months later, I bought another Target exclusive Pandemic game, Hot Zone. Back to Rapid Response though.

In Pandemic: Rapid Response, natural disasters are popping up all over the globe. You and your team are on board the specially designed plane made by the Crisis Response Unit. You take on one of seven roles aboard the plane as you try to get desperately needed supplies to the cargo hold, fly the plane over the country, and drop off those life saving supplies. You must accomplish all this while keeping an eye on a sand timer. If you run out of time, you lose. Oh, and the timer is only 2 minutes. Don’t fret, you get to turn it over a few times, and more times if you are able to make progress. This is a chaotic game of trying to save humanity, and I am all in!

Buy it here! Pandemic: Rapid Response