Bringing your office together through board games at lunch.
May 18, 2023

Quest for the Trident

Quest for the Trident
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A few months back, I reviewed a hilarious game about a group of cats on their ninth and final life. I then interviewed the man that handmade each copy of that game. Then, out of the blue, Colby Lippencott reached back out to me to inform me that his new game, Quest for the Trident, was available. I couldn’t resist. I had to try the latest from Lab Rats Board Games. I received the handmade, custom designed, wooden box with the familiar 3D printed components holding it together, three different decks of cars, and 3D printed tokens. Also included was a small expansion. Colby also informed me that he had the help of two students in his Game Design Class with the design of Quest for the Trident.

In Quest for the Trident, you and your opponents are trying to steal the Trident from the almighty god of the sea Posiedon himself. Why? Well, he has been angry with the humans and the people can no longer wait for him to be appeased. So, stealing his trident will take his power. All that is required is exploring the seas, obtaining the Tome of the Gods, taking it to Posiedon’s Palace, stealing the trident, and hiding it. In that order. Oh, and avoiding your fellow sailors who are attempting the same thing, but there is only one trident. And, this isn’t cooperative…

I took the game to work, sat down at lunch with a few coworkers, and set up Quest for the Trident, and set sail to steal a God’s most precious item.

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