Bringing your office together through board games at lunch.
Oct. 27, 2020

Welcome to Eat Lunch and Board Game

Welcome to Eat Lunch and Board Game
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Welcome to Eat Lunch and Board Game! I am Adam Collins and about 5 years ago, I started playing board games with my coworkers during our lunch hour. We started out playing only Catan, and it was a first-come, first-seated game. We expanded to 5/6 player extension. Then, we had to add a second board. New games were being brought in. People from other divisions joined us. Pretty soon, we had players from all over the building, and we were playing anything that was brought in. I started noticing that some games were better for lunch hours than others. I started catering to peoples’ needs. They only wanted to play a short game so they could leave early. Other people wanted to play longer games, so we started a game night after hours. I found that I searched my local game shop for games that fit a certain set of criteria: Time to Explain to Newcomers, Component Quality, Replayability, Bang for the Buck, and above all Lunchtime Potential. I decided to start this podcast to help you start a gaming group at your office, and help you find games to play with your coworkers based on your, and their, needs.

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